In-depth view: transfers vs. car rental in St.Lucia

When going on a trip, booking flights is often the easiest part. However, there is the question of how exactly are we going to get to our destinations from the airport? For the adventurous, using public transportation may be an exciting, challenging option. But boarding overcrowded trains or buses with luggage in one hand is not really the best way to enjoy the sights. The thought of expensive taxi fares will not allow any traveler to sit back and relax while being driven around town either. So it will come down to deciding between hiring a car and booking a transfer. Transfers vs. car rental in St.Lucia – which is the best choice? It would be best to check the advantages and disadvantages first.

After booking a transfer, a customer can sit back and relax while being driven to his destination. A driver will meet him at the airport, and he can set off on his journey right away, luggage and all. The transfer company will just remind him about the best pick up time for his flights. The major advantage of transfers is that the client gets to be driven by a driver who knows the area pretty well. They know the roads well, and can easily beat the traffic, know the best routes to make sure the client gets to the Bandar judi bola on time. However, there is lack of flexibility in this arrangement. There will be no unscheduled stops to buy souvenirs or shop on the way. On the other hand, hiring a car means the customer can pick his own route, and can make as many stops as he can to explore and enjoy the place. Definitely, there’s going to be more time to shop for gifts and souvenirs. The downside is that, there’s going to be rental rates, fuel costs, toll fees, additional driver fees to think of, not to mention that the car needs to be returned on schedule.

Transfers vs. car rental– the decision should not be so difficult once the pros and cons are much clearer to the customer. It always pays to compare car hire and transfer prices in St.Lucia.

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