Under 18 car rental in Amsterdam: getting youngsters covered

Young drivers are usually between the ages of 18-25 years old. Many large rental companies do not rent to young drivers. However, there are some that aim to provide special service and rates for their customers, regardless of age.

Most under 18 car rentals in Amsterdam believe that young drivers are not as responsible on the road than the older ones. There are driving issues that are usually associated with young drivers. The first one is excessive speed. Most people, especially car rental companies, have the impression that younger drivers are reckless and more prone to exceed the normal speed limit. The second one is the use of seat belt. Drivers under 18 years are strongly reminded of the importance of buckling up when driving. Lastly, they are also typically associated to alcohol usage. About 30% of accidents involving young drivers are due to alcohol intake– driving under the influence of alcohol. Most insurance coverage programs are voided when accidents involve intoxicated drivers. The driver is fully liable for all costs caused by the accident. Under 18 car rentals City require their renters to have a major credit card and proof of full coverage insurance before they can rent a vehicle. It is a common requirement for car hire companies to ask for an additional fee for renters under the age of 18. Renters are required to pay an underage fee. Also, they are required to provide a deposit equal to a certain percentage of the estimated total rental cost, like 30%, in addition to the estimated rental cost. Cash payments or the use of debit cards are also not accepted. Lastly, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) cannot be purchased by an underage customer; they need to provide proof of full coverage insurance instead.

Once all these requirements are met, underage renters can now take their pick or choose the cars they want to rent. For some car rental companies, the underage fee varies depending on the kind of car they want to rent. Undoubtedly, a higher fee is charged for premium cars, SUVs, and convertible cars. Rental of luxury cars is not allowed for customers under the age of 18.

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