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Have you imagined what type of car is ideal for renting? We suggest you French style. Andre Citroen is a founder of this popular French car manufacturer. The brand was founded in 1919 and it has many models named after different letters. Among others, there are H, DS, CX and 2CV. Since 1974, Citroen has been part of the Group of PSA Peugeot-Citroen. This union happened when Peugeot bought Citroen. The Group promotes their racing and commercial vehicles. The logo of Citroen consists of two gallons or spikelets that are inverted and superimposed. This invention was inspired by Andre who was concerning a gear in the form of V. They later applied this invention on high-performance models of Citroen Paris, which leaded to benefits in different type of changing gears. Are you ready to try on this technology?

The company has been rewarded with numerous awards for the vehicles. They got Car of the Year in the United States of America once, Motor Trend Car of the Year, three times Car of the Year in Europe, ten times Car of the Year in Spain, eight times Car of the Year in Italy and three times Car of the Year in Ireland. Citroen Paris is the only carmaker that has won three official championships of the International Automobile Federation. They won rally in World Rally Championship (WRC) and in World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). Our car rental options show you all the values of this brand. Citroen is also the only automaker that has won fifteen world championship titles in 15 appearances. They got five awards in World Championship Rally, eight “WRC” awards and once “WTCC” award. These world championships are considered as very relevant in car performing and racing. Let us prove you why this brand is so successful.

Since 2013, the top model Carolina Ardohain is the representative of this car brand and promoter of Citroen DS line. In 2013, Citroen racing team has created a new subdivision, the Citroen World Car Touring Team, which began to race in 2014 during World Touring Car Championship season. The leading drivers were Yvan Muller, Sebastien Loeb and Jose Maria Lopez. The team won fourteen wins in fifteen races in the 2014 season. This success is huge considering the time that team had to prepare and consolidate. We expect many more wins from them. That will prove the power of this French brand. We will assist you in renting this magnificent car in Paris airport Charles de Gaulle (CDG) without spending much money. Your high expectations will be fully met as we deliver the “wow” effect with all our car rental services.

Image source: by Richard Pardon

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